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Documentary Film

Sueños Cubanos – Cuban Dreams

Germany 2009,  95 minutes

Director: Hans-Peter Weymar
Camera: Norbert Ebner
Sound + editing: Hanno Willkomm

50 years of revolution in Cuba – reason enough for a documentary film journey “on the tracks of the revolution” in many ways.
Between Havana and the Sierra Maestra on the east of the island, where the rebels began their guerrilla war against the army of the Batista dictatorship, we encounter many different types of people who give insights into their lives in Cuban socialism and substantiate their perspective on “la revolución”. Whether dairy farmer, park keeper, pasta-factory worker, gardener, cook, musician, singer, artist, priest, hip hop artist, young female pioneer, student, teacher, doctor, female architect - from political delegate to veteran rebel – all let us witness their hopes, successes, dreams, problems, sorrows and happiness. During its journey through the socialist island the film spans the arch of 50 years to the present day – and, at times, on into the future.